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Autism in Education

Professional Learning Symposium

AIE Symposium 2017
“Teaching Executive Functions & Complex Language and Cognition Skills"

The 2017 AIE Symposium featured keynote presenter Dr. Jonathan Tarbox, PhD., BCBA-D, Program Director of the Master of Science in Applied Behaviour Analysis program at the University of Southern California and Director of Research at FirstSteps for Kids in the greater Los Angeles area. Dr. Tarbox's experience includes working with children, youth, and adults with ASD and diverse needs.  His presentation focused on practical strategies to help learners understand complex language and build the skills required for such processes as problem-solving, planning and prioritizing, working memory, and organization, among others.

AIE Symposium 2016
“Anxiety in Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder”
and “Advanced Treatment Techniques”

The 2016 AIE Symposium featured keynote presenter Dr. Patrick C. Friman, Ph.D., ABPP, Vice President of Behavioral Health at Boys Town (Nebraska) and a Clinical Professor in the Department of Pediatrics at the University Of Nebraska School Of Medicine. Dr. Friman addressed the causes of anxiety, explained the reasons for increased prevalence of anxiety in individuals with ASD, and provided research-based intervention strategies for addressing anxiety in individuals with ASD and other diverse needs. He also shared a variety of evidence-based strategies to help professionals and caregivers bring about meaningful changes in behaviour for individuals who are dealing with a variety of challenges.

A follow-up session for board and district ASD Consultants and Specialists was presented by Marlene Breitenbach, M.S.Ed., BCBA. Marlene shared practical relaxation strategies and discussed the use and potential benefits of social narratives.

AIE Symposium 2014
“A Positive Approach to Consulting in Schools:
Evidence-Based Practices for Promoting Effectiveness and Acceptance”

The 2014 AIE Symposium featured keynote presenters Dr. Dennis Reid and Dr. Carolyn Green. Drs. Reid and Green are world-renowned experts in the field of staff training, with particular emphasis on the implementation of evidence-based practices for individuals with ASD and challenging behaviours in educational environments. The focus of the workshop was on coaching and support strategies for consultants working with staff who support learners with ASD in inclusive school settings.

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